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Welcome to The wonderful world of  4-H Rabbits and Cavies!

Overisel Champs is a Allegan County 4-H club that offers other 4-H projects other than rabbits, but right now we have more rabbit kids than any other project area. During the summer our club meets every wednesday to go over rabbit related topics, and showmanship. Our kids praticipate in the State 4-H rabbit and cavy show, Rabbit and cavy expo, ARBA shows, and some other 4-H shows. We also have kids that are interested in "Rabbit Hopping" for those of you who do not know what this is it is Agility for rabbits. We will be setting up some diffrent meetings to work on that. Each kid that joins our club for rabbits gets a notebook filled with rabbit information that I have worked hard on putting together for our club. I will not sell a copy to other clubs as I feel that would not be fair to the kids that I am project leader to. Each kid is now required to keep a notebook filled with there rabbit related events and expenses, this is for scolarship purposes. If interested in joining our 4-H club you can contact Becky Dubbink at [email protected], or at 616-422-0072.


Rabbit 4-H meetings have started every thursday night 6:30 my house. Bring your rabbit notebooks, and your showmanship rabbits. Bring Meat Pens along if you would like to get them weighed.


Fair paperwork meeting Tuesday August 6, 6:30 Mitsises House. This is a pot luck so bring a hot and cold dish to pass. Also bring your social security numbers, drinks, and table service.

How do I join Overisel Champs 4-H Club?

If you are intersted in joining our club please contact Becky Dubbink at 616-422-0072. We will be having a meeting for kids to sign up with our club for this comming year, so keep watching for the date. We are always looking for some new rabbit kids, no one will be turned away. If you or someone you know would like to join 4-H and show rabbits, but do not have there own rabbit or are not allowed to have a rabbit they can still do showmanship at the fair by using one of my rabbits. Alot of our kids now got started that way. If you are looking for a rabbit for your kid to show in 4-H, please contact me and I will help you find one. I prefer for the kids to have a pure bred rabbit as they can do more with a pure bred than a mix breed. Examples are the state 4-H rabbit and cavy show, ARBA shows, and breed classes at the fair. Your kids will not have to do these things, but by having a pure bred rabbit, they could if they wanted to. I know alot of breeders and am willing to help you find the right breed and show rabbit for you.


Club Sign up Meeting is October 15 2012, if interested in comming or joining our club please call us at 269-751-5473 or 616-422-0072.