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Allegan County Fair 2012!

Posted by Becky on September 17, 2012 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (41)

Well another fair year is over and done, and the kids did really well! We need to keep working on stuff, because after getting both Top Rabbit showman, and Reserve Top Rabbit Showman, I have a feeling people are going to come back next year with the goal to beat us. I am so proud of all of you for all your hard work and good sportsmanship.

Results are as follows:

Club Booth on Cavies: 4th, not as well as I was hoping for, but ok.

Jessie Mulder: 1st place 14 year old showman, Top Rabbit Showman, BOB Champagne' D Argent,

Mary Mulder: 2nd place 11 year old showman, BOB Fuzzy Lop, BOB English Spot, Reserve in Show with the Fuzzy Lop

Nick Mulder: 2nd place 10 year old showman, 3rd place Californian Doe

Jaquiline Mulder: Cloverbud showmanship

Karley Wheeler: 1st place 10 year old showman

Bobby Wheeler: Cloverbud showmanship

Gavin Wheeler: Cloverbud showmanship

Rachel Boerman: 2nd place 12 year old showman, BOB AOB: Cinnamon, BOB Mini Lop, and 1st place AOB: Tan Buck.

Emily Timmer: 1st place 12 year old showman, Reserve Top Rabbit showman, 2nd place Mini Rex Doe.

Amber Dolegowski: 3rd place 14 year old showman, 3rd place Mini Rex Doe.

Krysten Dolegowski: Did not end up showing.

Our clubs meat pens did not do as well as we had hoped for, but next year should be better.

State 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Expo 2012!

Posted by Becky on June 11, 2012 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

This turned out to be a long and tireing day, but was also a big success for Allegan County! We had 5 kids compete, four were from our club, and 1 was from Little Rascals 4-H club.


Jessie Mulder - Senior

Breed judgeing: did not place in top 10

Rabbit Showmanship: scored a 92, but did not place in the top 10

Breed Id.: did not place in top 10

Written Quiz: did not place in the top 10


Mary Mulder - Junior

Rabbit Showmanship: 6th place

Cavy Showmanship: 1st place

Breed Id.: not in the top 10

Written Quiz: not in the top 10

Cavy Breed Judging: 1st place

Ed. Poster: 9th place


Rachel Boerman - Junior

Rabbit showmanship: 8th place

Cavy showmanship: 2nd place

Breed Id: 6th place

Written Quiz: 7th place

Ed. Poster: did not place in top 10


Karley Wheeler - Junior

Rabbit Showmanship: did not place in top 10

Cavy Showmanship: 6th place

Breed Id: did not place in top 10

Written Quiz: did not place in top 10


Emily Timmer - Junior

Rabbit Showmanship: did not compete

Skillathon: did not place in the top 10 (We will not have kids entered in this event next year!!)

Breed Id: Did not place in top 10

Written Quiz: Did not place in top 10


They were also entered in Team events:

Cavy showmanship; 2nd place

Written Quiz: 5th place

Breed Id: 5th place\


GREAT JOB guys I am very proud of all of you, you tryed your hardest and did very well.

4-H show April 21, 2012

Posted by Becky on June 11, 2012 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

The kids did pretty good at this show. It was a cold day, and we were in a barn all day, but they sucked it up and did the best they could. We had three kids attend this show, Jessie Mulder, Mary Mulder, and Rachel Boerman. This was a Showmanship, Poster, and breed class show.

Jessie Mulder:

3rd place Intermediate Rabbbit showman

Best of Breed Champagne D'argent with Plank's Mack

Best of Breed Himalayan with Rebason's Bugs


Mary Mulder:

3rd place Junior Rabbit showman

2nd place Junior Cavy Showman

1st place Ed. poster

Best of Breed American Fuzzy Lop with Pumpkin

Best of Breed American Cavy with Rebason's Stormy

Best of Breed White Crested Cavy with Rebason's Starburst

Best of Breed Abyssinian Cavy with Moe

Stormy went on to win Best in Show, and Starburst was Reserve in Show!


Rachel Boerman:

1st place Junior Cavy Showman

2nd Ed. Poster.


Isabella County 4-H show 2012

Posted by Becky on February 27, 2012 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Two of our rabbits kids attended this show, Emily Timmer and Mary Mulder.


Rabbit Showmanship: 6th out of 18 Intermediate

Skillathon: 5th place Intermediate

Black Mini Rex JR Doe: 2nd



Rabbit Showmanship: 4th out of 12 Junior

Cavy showmanship: 1st out of 2 Junior

Skillathon: 3rd place Junior

Breed ID: 5th place Junior

Pumpkin Solid American Fuzzy Lop SR Buck: 1st, BOV, BOB

Casper Solid American Fuzzy Lop SR Buck: 2nd

Chocolate, Chocolate English Spot SR Doe: 1st, BOV

Solid Dilute American INT Boar: 1st, BOV, BOB, and Best in Show!

Moe Roan Abyssinian SR Boar: 1st, BOV, BOB

Starburst Any Other Self White Crested JR Boar: 1st, BOV, BOB


Both girls did extreamly well and tryed there hardest.

Rabbit Hopping at the ARBA Convention

Posted by Becky on October 10, 2011 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (98)

I was going through my show cattalog for convention this year and found out that they are goign to be having a rabbit hopping competition/Exhibition. This is the first year they have done this! If you are into the rabbit hopping, and this is something you want to do, this maybe a good thing to go and watch. The bad part is that it is durring school.


November 1st starting at 8:00 AM

Competition is available to OPEN & YOUTH

Pre-Entry only! No online Entries!

Courses available this year at ARBA Nationals

Beginner: Straight Line Course

Intermediate: Easy Class

Team Relay

Dual Hopping


*Competitors must have a valid ARBA Membership.*

*Entry fee is $14.00 per Hopping Rabbit*

*Each Rabbit must have a legible tattoo in its left year for identification purposes*

*Exhibition hopping rabbits will not be allowed to be SOLD, under any cercumstances*

*Rules and guidelines are posted on the website:*


*I wish we had our kids rabbits hopping for this event, but I do not think any of our hopping rabbits are ready to compete. I do think that this is something you will want to watch if you are training a rabbit for hopping. This year convention is in Indianapolis, Indiana. I will be there for the whole convention so I can help kids if they would like to go. If you would like more information I can get it to you.*

2012 Fund Raiser Ideas

Posted by Becky on October 10, 2011 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Camp Kidwell's Festaval of Trees- We can decorate a christmas tree and the winner gets money.


Auction Donations- go around to diffrent busineses and ask for donations for the youth council auction in April.


Bags made out of feed bags- We would need to save the plastic feed bags that rabbit feed can come in and make everyday bags out of them.


Pig in the Blankets- We could take orders for pig in the blankets and spend a day making them. We did this for Allison's trip to China and she made quite a bit of money.


Memory Boards- Kim collected some boards that we could put fabric over or leave them the way they are. These are to put pictures and stuff in.


*Our goal right now is to get things collected for the auction. Last year we made about $367 from the donations we got, but all this money was used for the whole club even though the rabbit kids are the ones who went around and got donations. This year what ever the rabbit kids get collected the money will go to the rabbit kids.*


*I have started to work on our camp kidwell tree, I have rabbit molds that I have been making plaster rabbits out of. I figured we could have a meeting and the kids could paint them all and we could use them as the ornaments for the tree. We would like to find or make Carrot christmas tree lights. For the star we could use a rabbit stuffed animal. If you have any ideas for the tree feel free to let me know.*

2011 Allegan County Fair Results

Posted by Becky on September 27, 2011 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

As a whole Overisel Champs had a great fair year, not just with the rabbits but with Dairy, Swine, Goats, and Crafts as well. I would like to reconize the following accomplishments.

2nd place Club booth on Rabbit Hopping

Best in Show Demonstration on Rabbit Hopping- Emily Timmer, Mary Mulder, and Rachel Boerman

Top Dairy Showman- Cj Berens

Reserve Top Dairy Showman- Shelby Berens

2nd palce young goat showman- Mary Mulder

Reserve Top Rabbit showman- Jessie Mulder

2nd Place 19 year old rabbit showman- Allison Dubbink

1st Place 17 year old rabbit showman- Julie Dolegowski

2nd Place 15 year old rabbit showman- Heather Dolegowski

1st Place 13 year old rabbit showman- Jessie Mulder

1st Place 11 year old rabbit showman- Emily Timmer

2nd Place 11 year old rabbit showman- Rachel Boerman

3rd Place 11 year old rabbit showman- Amanda VanFleeren

2nd Place 10 year old rabbit showman- Mary Mulder

1st Place 9 year old rabbit showman- Karley Wheeler

2nd place 9 year old rabbit showman- Nick Mulder

3rd place rabbit market pen- Allison Dubbink

Congradulations to all!

Coldwater All Night show 2011

Posted by Becky on July 13, 2011 at 9:33 AM Comments comments (0)

Mary Mulder won Best of Breed and Best Opp. Sex Breed American Fuzzy Lop & Best Opp. Sex Breed Abyssinian!

Dubbink Family won Best of Breed Abyssinian Satin, and Texel, Best Opp. Sex Breed Abyssinian, Texel, Teddy, and White Crested.