Rabbit showmanship

A. Handling

       1. Turn rabbit facing sideways. Use both hands to make sure the nails do not drag on the        table when you turn it.

       2. Pick up the front of the rabbit so it's front feet are off the table

       3. Scoop the hindquarters and back legs

       4. Hide the rabbits head in your underarm and make sure there feet are not hanging.

      5. Step back from the table and drop arms to the side

B. Posing

     1. Place hand in front of head

     2. Place right front foot

    3. Place left front foot

    4. Place right rear foot

    5. Place left rear foot

    6. Set the tail

    7. Set the ears

    8. Run hand over fur

    9. Step back from the table and drop arms to the side.

C. Examination

Turn the rabbit to it's side and pose it. So, instead of being posed facing the judge, it is facing a wall or side of a building.

     1. Squeeze the base of the right ear

      2. Squeeze the base of the left ear

     3. Look in the right ear

    4. Look in the left ear

  *While you are looking in the ears, you can feel the ears for nicks, cuts, bumps, ect., but do not make it obvious.*

    5. Touch near the right eye

    6. Touch near the left eye

    7. Look in the right eye

    8. Look in the left eye

*You are looking to see if there is any major wetness/mucus around the eye. You are also looking at the eye itself to see if there are any problems.


    9. Touch the nose and look in it.

  10. Check the Teeth. (Come from above the rabbit)

  11. Feel the jaw with finger

   12. Feel the neck

   13. Extend right front leg

   14. Extend left front leg

   15. Check toenails on right front foot

   16. Check toenails on left front foot

   17. Run your thumb and pointer finger down the rabbits belly.

   18. While you still have your hands on the rabbit straighten the back legs out and then gently squeeze the legs together to see if they are straight.

   19. Check the hock of the right back leg

   20. Check the hock of the left back leg

   21. Check the toenails of the right back leg

   22. Check the toenails of the left back leg

   23. Check the sex to see if the rabbit is a buck or a doe

   24. Feel the tail

Flip the rabbit back over and pose it facing the wall (just as you had it before you flipped it over.)

   25. Set the tail

   26. Set the ears

   27. Check the meat

   28. Check the texture of the fur. You do this by backstroking  it, you do not have to lay it back down.

   29. Check the density of the fur you do this by blowing on the fur

   30. Pose the rabbit facing the judge and step back from the table. (Remember the posing instructions from before)

Wait for the judge to tell you what to do next - they will probably want to ask you some questions and it is up to them how they are going to go about doing this.

When you are excused from the table HANDLE THE RABBIT, DO NOT SCOOP IT FROM THE TABLE, and put it away. You are done.


*Keep in mind that you are going to want to look up at the judge sometimes during the examination. You never know what kind of questions you may get asked so keep studying.*